These days, making time for a home-cooked meal can seem like a chore. Life gets busy and responsibilities add up. Far too often, creating a healthy and satisfying meal falls to the wayside.

When you’re short on time and can’t get to the grocery store, Fresh Taste Meal Prep has you covered. We’re committed to making life easier and more delicious for every customer we serve. Our Arizona meal prep delivery service is fast, affordable, and always provides that palate-pleasing moment you deserve.

A Commitment to Excellence and Stress-Free Dining

Imagine how great it would feel to come home after a long day and know your savory dinner would be ready to serve in a matter of minutes. Now imagine you didn’t have to do any of the shopping or prep-work to make it happen!

At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we know the importance of healthy eating, but we also know that time is of the essence. We combine the best of both concepts to make life easier for our customers with our Phoenix meal prep service.

From Our Kitchen to Your Table

Our fresh and tasty meals are yours for the enjoying in just a few simple steps. Customers first create a personal account online and can then pick and choose from our wide variety of meals at the touch of a button.

Next, you’ll simply select a delivery date that works for you. You can rest easy knowing meals are always delivered on time, right to your door. Prefer to pick up your selected meals? That works too!

All of our meals are freshly prepared and ready to be enjoyed after time in the microwave or oven. There’s no planning, shopping, or cooking required on the part of our customers. Your only job is to enjoy your savory meal.

Enjoy a Customized Flavor Profile With Our Arizona Meal Prep Delivery

The flavorful options we offer at Fresh Taste Meal Prep speak to a variety of customer preferences. Change up your selections by the day or week depending on how you prefer to dine!

We provide customers with an opportunity to purchase anywhere from 5 to 9 meals at a time or increase to 10 to 13 meals when you’re looking to conveniently stock up. Those who purchase upwards of 14 meals from our Phoenix meal prep service will enjoy delivery options free of fees.

How It Works

Step 1

Order Online

Click “Get Started” and select your delivery/pick-up date. Then pick your meals and proceed to checkout. Create an account or login and then complete your order!

Step 2


Depending on what option you chose your meals will be delivered to your doorstep or you can pick them up!

Step 3


Heat in either the microwave or remove from the container to cook on the stovetop then enjoy your delicious and freshly prepared meals!

Questions about Phoenix Meal Prep?

At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we are dedicated to providing delicious and affordable prepped meals throughout the Valley!

Meals range from $8-15 dollars depending on quantity ordered.

Orders from our Phoenix meal prep and delivery company need to be placed by every Thursday by 3 pm.

Our Phoenix meal prep company provides valley-wide service!

If you have more questions about Phoenix meal prep or our prepped meal options, Visit our frequently asked questions page!

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